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dilijan curve specialty bottled espresso concentrate coffee

what does the dilijan curve bottled espresso taste like?

our standard bottles are prepared using beans roasted by a local roaster from the beautiful hills of altadena

we also source raw beans and roast small, limited quantities in-house using very selective methodology for our flagship {small batch} line

dilijan curve bottled espresso concentrates are created using a process that retains the flavor of the specialty beans used in both of our lines

the final product is absolutely delicious, naturally caramely, with layers of incredible flavors, great aftertaste, low acidity, and none of the bitterness that people usually try to mask with sweeteners when drinking other types of coffee

  you end up having high-end barista made espresso ready to enjoy in seconds  

specialty instant coffee drink

how is your bottled espresso different from cold brew?

each shot within our bottles is hand pulled by our in-house baristas
dilijan curve espresso concentrate is a very different beast, it has a lot more flavor, which is why, unlike cold brew, you don't have to be too precise when mixing it with milk/water to hit the perfect creamy spot, the drink just comes out deliciously darker or lighter flavored

what’s with the “best by” date on the bottles? does coffee really expire? 

coffee does not go bad for a very long time, but the fresher it is, the better it tastes

we set the best by date after which the flavor begins to more noticeably flatten compared to when it is freshly made, but a lot of people enjoy our beverages weeks after the best by date, so you should go by taste - if it tastes good, then it’s good to go

dilijan curve artisanal bottled espresso concentrate

why don’t you have an “about us” page?

we are about coffee - once you lock down the mix ratio that you like, just close your eyes on the third sip and you’ll know all that you need to know… (for now?)

what does the dilijan curve name mean?

it’s a reference to an exciting, legendary road that goes up to a paradise composed of a beautiful contradiction - intensity of purpose mixed with calmness of mind and heart, which is where we want to take you with every sip - embrace the curve

specialty instant espresso bottled using artisanal coffee

what about my babies? should I make coffee drinks for them with this incredible bottled espresso?

aah, no... unless we are using the word "babies" differently, but yeah, no
if you want good baby food you can try loveorganicbaby.com... or maybe it's best you have a talk with someone with experience feeding babies - soon... again, unless we are talking about different things here

dillijan curve coffee bottled espresso