instant artisanal espresso concentrate instructions

cold beverages

latte / cappuccino

mix one part of our delicious specialty espresso concentrate (try 1/4 of the bottle) with six to eight parts (around 6-8oz) of milk
- try oatly barista edition oat milk


same as above, but use water instead of milk 

dilijan curve bottled espresso concentrate americano


wanna venture into the the stronger espresso side of things? just add a small splash of water to a shot of the concentrate 


just go crazy and use color, taste and whimsy to create beverages that you can name after dangerous animals and comedy characters

bottled instant espresso creative drink

hot beverages

if you want a hot drink, follow the steps above but first heat up your milk/water (try 163F) before adding the espresso concentrate

affogato / café glacé

dilijan curve artisanal bottled espresso concentrate affogato


get the fanciest glass you can find, add two scoops of really good vanilla ice cream, add a small dash of milk, then pour 1/4 of the dilijan curve espresso concentrate over the ice cream 


to show off your artistic skills and give it even more sweetness, first create a design with caramel syrup inside the glass then follow the steps above

dilijan curve artisanal bottled espresso concentrate alcohol pastry


to blow minds even further, add a few slices of ripe fruit (figs and peaches are always good) and/or berries

 dilijan curve instant artisanal espresso concentrate affogato

next logical step

if you got all the way here, not shaving dark chocolate on top would be kinda strange


and if in an adult beverage kind of mood, add a dash of rum or tequila

dilijan curve artisanal bottled espresso concentrate

yeah, what were you thinking about?